Sunday, May 10, 2015

Marvel Gets It Right

We saw the new Avengers movie yesterday, and I loved it.  I experienced something akin to when I saw the Starship Enterprise on the big screen and witnessed Chris Reeve's Superman make his first rescue.  It was like a fantastic part of my youth had come to life.  There was a scene in "Age of Ultron" that was sort of a montage as the Avengers are all flying around doing battle.  It reminded me of a comic book magazine cover, or the full-page scene in a comic book where all of the heroes are doing their thing.

That's when I got what I enjoyed it so much.  It was really a comic book on the screen.  A little (not too much!) realism added.  But basically a comic book. This is probably because Stan Lee, the creator of all of this is still around to make sure they get it right.  They avoided using a lot of profanity (they make a joke about it, actually).  People die, but there is no blood and guts as in a lot of other films.

It was good, exciting, rather mindless entertainment.  And that is, after all, why I go to the movies.

I loved Marvel comics as a kid, and grew up enjoying the animated TV programs about Spiderman, the Hulk, the Fantastic Four, etc.  Before I Marvel I loved DC comics; Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and company.  I worry about what it happening to DC on the screen.  .

The characters and stories are getting so dark. The first Batman film (Micheal Keaton) was great. Then with Val Kilmer and Robert Clooney it seemed they could not make up their minds.  Then Batman go very dark, Mad Max kind of dark, and it started to lose me.  Now they have turned Superman dark (I know, they have done that in the comics too, and I cannot say that I like it.)

Hey folks, Superman was a boy scout!

I hope that DC can take a clue from Marvel.  They managed to keep the look of the costumes (although they did get rid of the Thor's winged helmet, which was probably a good choice.)  They also kept the powers consistent.  I watched the last of the Chris Reeve Superman films, the Quest for peace and the powers that Superman had (and his weakness) were illogical to me.

Ok, so as many of my younger friends have explained to me.  Audiences today like the dark characters.  They prefer actions and explosions to story (as we see in the newer Star Trek films.  If this is true, the good for everyone.  May the superheroes and sci-fi heros live forever.

I just thank God for DVDs and BluRay discs.  I can watch "boring" original series" Star Trek episodes and movies, and Chris Reeve in his bright colored outfit, with the red trunks, thank you very much.

And I can't wait for the next Averngers movie.